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Connect everywhere.

Wearable software should connect people to people

Wearlynx wearable software platform makes that easy.


Connect with your friends through your wearable device. Share location, private messages and more, with who you want, when you want, without ever pulling your phone out of your pocket.


Connect your workforce and customers with seamless wearable-to-wearable communication. Synchronize data in real-time within a private group, across all smartphones and wearable devices, iOS and Android.


Play anywhere with anyone, on Apple Watch, Android Wear and Pebble. Wearlynx lets you bring your game everywhere.


Wearables are here. Wearlynx connects you.



Wearable apps for people and businesses, powered by Wearlynx.

CircleLynx Keep your friends as close as your wrist. Find them anywhere.

  • See where your friends are with a glance to your watch
  • Send and receive messages from your wrist
  • Get notified when friends are near
  • Tap “regroup” to guide everyone to your location
  • Download on AppStore Pebble

Coming Soon on: Google Play

SkiLynx Connect on the slopes through your wearable device.

  • See exactly which run or lift your friends are on – from your smartwatch
  • Send and receive messages with a touch of your wrist
  • Automatically track every run and lift you ride
  • Available now for Apple Watch, iPhone, and Android
Download on AppStore Download on the Google Play Store

TwoLynx Together. Always. TwoLynx

  • Keep the one you love as close as your pulse
  • Send and receive private messages from your wrist
  • One touch “pulse” lets them know you’re thinking of them
  • Get notifications when your loved one is near

Coming soon to your wearable device.

MoodLynx Share how you feel with the friends you trust. MoodLynx

  • Create a private group and share your mood
  • See your friends' moods at a glance
  • Send and receive messages from your wrist
  • Get notified when friends are near or moods change

Coming soon to your wearable device.

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We work with medium to large businesses on custom wearable solutions.

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Wearable Gaming. Play Everywhere. With Anyone.

Play is an evolving culture. With wearables we can play anywhere and everywhere, in the real and virtual worlds.

Wearlynx empowers wearable play with microgames, realtime wearable-to-wearable multiplayer, and wearable-driven VR. Play everywhere!



Real-time wearable–to-wearable multiplayer gaming.
Play virtual capture the flag in the real world with a touch of your wrist.

Text Run

Text Run

The “Zork” of Endless Runners – for your wrist!
Addictive microgaming in a high-speed retro text adventure.

Available on Pebble

Powered by the Wearlynx platform.

Shaping the wearable software experience.

Personal technology, personal to you.

The Wearlynx platform provides seamless wearable-to-wearable communication, empowering groups of people to connect across smartphones and wearables of all types through an exclusive user-driven invite system.

Geolocation, score, messaging, status - whatever the content - Wearlynx synchronizes data in real-time with all group members across all wearable devices, over iOS and Android.

Connect with who you want, when you want, for as long as you want, through your wearable device.

Wearlynx. With you. Everywhere.

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About Us

Wearlynx creates custom wearable software solutions for businesses and consumers, extending brand experiences, personalized communication, and user analytics to wearable devices.

The Wearlynx platform provides a cross platform solution encompassing all wearable smart devices, both iOS and Android, including Apple Watch, Android Wear, and Pebble Smartwatch.

Wearlynx was founded in early 2014 by technology innovators Mark Danks and Sarah W. Stocker, whose background includes 17 years leading development studios and creating best-selling games for brands like Sony Computer Entertainment and Electronic Arts, as well as co-founding Kodama Studios, whose ground-breaking creations on mobile and web include the first direct-to-consumer 3D printing platform My Robot Nation (acquired by 3D Systems in 2012) and the award-winning Biophilia App Suite for musician Björk.